Sunday, February 6, 2011

So exhausted & Playing Catchup

Seriously, I can not even begin to tell you how exhausted I am!  Trying not to complain...but boy am I exhausted & boy do I ache.  All the everyday tasks are getting so much harder.  I just don't remember this from before.  I hear it's a second pregnancy thing.  However, I am so excited to only have a couple more weeks of work left.  I'm so happy that I've decided to go out before I deliver this time.  Not only did it work out better financially with my short term disability & PTO but it will be so nice to have the time to finish up things & just spend time with Maddox before Emma arrives.  That's if she stays on schedule for February 28th!

As I mentioned in my post earlier in the week I feel like we've had such bad luck lately.  Three weeks ago I noticed a bump on Maddox's chest which warranted a doctor's visit.  Oh boy, I was a bit nervous that it was MRSA however luckily it ended up being a plain Staph infection which quickly cleared up with antibiotics.  Then the next week (Thursday) we went in for his BIG 18 month checkup (that post to still come) & being he ALWAYS has a runny nose & cough I had them allergy test him....which it ends up he has quite a few allergies (dog dander, milk, peanuts, wheat, egg whites, etc.).  Ugh, I'm yet to speak to the actual doctor about the severity of his allergies...but we have another appointment coming up to do so.  That very night of his allergy testing, I discovered he has an allergy to shrimp.  And the bad part is he only had the pasta that was with the shrimp, no actual shrimp.  Luckily his reaction wasn't severe...but needless to say he will not be getting anymore shellfish.  The next day (Friday) he started running a fever, which I attributed to his immunizations he had the next day.   However, Saturday night when he woke up at 3 AM crying I knew he was sick.  Seriously, he has slept through the night since 4 weeks I knew something was up.
And of course being it was Sunday...we ended up sitting in town for a doctor visit for 4 hours!  He was diagnosed with his 2nd ear infection EVER....but by the next day (Monday) his ear was draining yellow & green.  Ugh, his eardrum had ruptured which warranted a change in antibiotics & another doctor's visit for the following week for followup.  Oh yes, 4 visits in 4 weeks!  Hopefully, all of this just means we're getting it all over before Emma comes.  But why all the bad luck?

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Amanda said...

Bless your heart! Poor Maddox and mommy for having to handle a sick little one and now for having to dodge all of these foods in items you buy at the store :-( Hope this week is better for you guys. Positive note: You look beautiful! So excited for you!


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