Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 1 Month

Yesterday, we celebrated Emma's 1 month birthday...which seems so unreal to me.
Seriously, how did a month go by?

Next week we go in for our 1 month appointment so stats are yet to come.
I'm thinking you're between 9-10 lbs now!

What you've been up to this month:
  • You're still wearing newborn diapers & newborn clothes.  This past week I put a few 0-3 month clothes on you & some of them fit. However, your newborns all still fit & some are still a bit big.  Which is so hard for me to believe, your brother was out of newborns at this point.
  • You're a great nurser. You nurse every 3 hrs during the day & sometimes go 4-5 hrs at night.
  • You're still sleeping in our room & doing great.
  • You hated your swing until I switched it to go from side to side. Now you love it.
  • You love your bouncy seat.
  • You rarely take a pacifier. Most of the time you just gag on it.
  • You sleep well through your brother's loud noises & the dogs barking.
  • Your brother absolutely adores you. He loves to hold you, kiss you & hold your hand.  It makes your Mommy & Daddy so happy to see the love the two of you have for each other.
  • You can roll from tummy to back

Happy 1 month sweet girl!

We absolutely love you Emma Louise!

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Samantha said...

Happy one month Emma! She is too cute!

K said...

too cute, the tutu and flower are so pretty : )
Happy one month!


Mitzi G. said...

Where did this last month go?? She is precious & I just love her little outfit!!


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