Saturday, March 26, 2011

Never Say Never

Oh yes, NEVER say NEVER...

I always said I would NEVER EVER drive a minivan & uh oh as of yesterday I'm rockin' the

But with 2 little one's there's just not much of an option.

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The Parker's said...

Welcome to the club!

Samantha said...

I have always said that I will never have a mini van... and then we went on a 2 week trip with a 5 month old... hmmm you are right NEVER say never because I'm seriously considering it will be a necessity when we have another!

Amanda said...

I said that too, but instead o fthe mini van, we chose a crossover (basically a mini van with the normal doors.) I think it's nice.

Running 365 said...

My mom didn't get one until she had 3 kids and I was in high school by then! I don't know why she didn't make the leap much earlier. And I have no idea why she's still driving one even though her oldest is about to go to college.

Lizzie said...

I LOVE my minivan. I always said I wanted one when I had two kids and ended up in a car accident a month before our first was due, so I actually had a minivan for a month before I had any kids. My co-workers definitely had some fun at my expense...until 7 of us wanted to go to lunch together one day and we were all able to fit comfortable in my van!


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