Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sleepy Wrap Review

After becoming a Mommy of 2 under Two I quickly realized I needed a carrier/wrap.
There's nothing like chasing a busy toddler around while carrying an infant.  Plus, not only did my newborn love to be close but I needed my hands free for my overly busy 20 month old.

But, my previous experience with babywearing had not been enjoyable.
After trying several slings when Maddox was an infant I had quickly dismissed babywearing.  They were just quite uncomfortable for me & left my shoulders & back aching.

But with the necessity of babywearing this time around; I decided to give it another try. But with so many options out there where did I turn. I knew that I had to find one that was not only comfortable for Emma but would be comfortable for me as well. 

Luckily, I came across Sleepy Wrap who so generously sent me a wrap for review.
Upon receiving it, the first thing I fell in love with was the softness of the material.  Not only did I want something soft up against Emma but I wanted something that wasn't going to scratch me.
And Sleepy Wrap had just that.
And the greatest thing is my shoulders & back don't ache.  In fact it's more comfortable than carrying her in my arms.

The only tricky thing about the wrap was learning how to tie it.  But after just a few try's I felt like a pro.
The key is getting it tight enough so it's snug.

Another great thing about the Sleepy Wrap is that it grows with your child.  Not only is it perfect with your newborn it continues to grow and can support up to 35 lbs.

If you don't believe me...look here

Lol, not so sure I'll be carrying a 35 lb Emma around or even a 27 lb Maddox for that matter
but in the meantime we're loving our wrap & plan on it for a long time

When going out the Sleepy Wrap is my choice for carrying Emma.  I love that she's close to me & I feel as if people aren't breathing their germs on her.
It's perfect.

And let's just say the name suits perfectly; upon placing Emma in the wrap she immediately quitens down & typically falls right to sleep.
And in my book that alone makes the Sleepy Wrap worth buying.

Not even to mention all the wonderful benefits of
Carried Babies....
  • Cry Less (43% less overall & 54% less during the evening hours)
  • Are Healthier (gain weight faster, have better motor skills, coordination, increased muscle tone & sense of balance)
  • Get a better view of the world!
  • Become independant faster.
  • Sleep better!
  • Learn More! (Not overstimulated, but calm & alert, observing and taking in the world around them)
  • Are Happier.

I highly recommend the Sleepy Wrap. 

Head HERE to purchase yours today!
Retail $39.95

I was given the above mentioned product(s) for my review.
I was in no other way compensated.The product itself didn't persuade my personal beliefs or views.
I was under no obligation to write a positive review. The views & opinions are purely my own.

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