Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Random Tidbits & My Fav Blogs

This weeks Show Us Your Life over at Kelly's Korner the topic is favorite blogs you read. And boy do I have some favorite's. Probably too many to even begin to list. I look forward to seeing everyone else's list because it's always fun to add to that list....

Of course as you've already figured I love reading Kelly's Korner but the list just goes on from there. I read many of the other NWA blogs such as Jenna's Journey, The Francis Family & Ashley's Avenue. I love reading blogs that I feel like I can relate to. Both Jenna (Jenna's Journey) & Jennifer (The Francis Family) are fairly young like myself with 2 kids....

But of course the list doesn't stop there, I love reading Magical Memories because I feel like we go way back even if we've never met. We met on a pregnancy board before blogging.  And I quickly fell into reading In This Wonderful Life during Megan's first pregnancy. But oh no the list still doesn't stop; I love reading Stilettos and Diapers and Three Kids, a Mini-van and a Lot of Love along with many more...

See I told you my list could go on and on...

But now for some randomness & rambling.
I couldn't help but capture a few moments that I didn't want to forget this morning.

 Recently, Maddox added a new word to his vocabulary which I'm loving, "Sure". So this morning when I asked if he wanted to sit with sissy & he said "sure". I definitely grabbed the camera.
I just love the bond that is developing between these two. And I can almost hear him saying "hey sissy" as I look at these....some of my favorite words from him.

Oh, and I have been seeing so much about these Erin Condren planners on different blogs lately but I haven't managed to muster up the $50 to buy one yet

But I'm definitely a planner that loves loves loves making lists & having my calendar all nice & neat. So, please tell me do you have one? Do you like it? Is it really worth it? It's ol so pretty...should I take the plunge?
And especially being I came across a code last night for $25 off.

And for another tidbit of randomness, have you had mastitis? Oh my goodness! This week I had the lucky experience. And seriously I thought I was dying. I'm so afraid of getting it again, so much so that I'm thinking of weaning. Please tell me you've had it & never had to experience it again.

And please check back later for a super cute giveaway...or if you just want to check back to see a million trys at getting a picture of my 2 together in their matching outfits. Seriously a million attempts to get ziltch. No good ones in the whole bunch but they'll have to do. And think some Sesame Street love.

And now on to what I really should be doing...packing for a weekend getaway.
Wishing everyone a safe & happy Labor Day!

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Becca said...

Everyone raves about those planners!

I had mastitis with Aubrey and it was terrible. I for sure thought I was dying as well. I ended up nursing for LONG after that (the girl just couldn't give it up) and THANKFULLY never got it again!! I hope the same is for you. It is just horrible!

Sarai said...

Hi! I found your blog through kelly's korner. I have seriously been considering buying one of the rein Condern planners. I was wondering if maybe you could where you found your coupon code.

Sarai said...

Oops...Erin Condren

Running 365 said...

I have one of those Erin Condren calendars (I got the half off deal too) and LOVE it! I have a couple coupons that came with my planner so let me know if you decide to get one and I'll give you the code.


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