Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Weekend

This past weekend we packed up our little family and headed to the beach for one last trip before it starts cooling off.

And I must say there's nothing like having your toes in the sand.

It was so nice to just get away for a couple days. Maddox absolutely LOVE'S the "ba" (aka beach) as he puts it. Just seeing his face light up totally makes it worth driving down.

And Emma doesn't mind it either....

And I am slowly learning that I don't take nearly enough pictures. Thank goodness for iphones, lol. I could't help but snap this one because I thought Maddox looked so big sitting in his chair.

I always hate taking my good camera down to the sand but this morning before leaving we made a last trip down & I was sure to take it to capture a few 'end of summer' pics.

Sweet Maddox.
Not sure if you can tell in the picture but we've been quite accident prone lately.  Just in the last 2 days we have manged to get a scratch on the nose from sleeping (suppose he scratched himself), scrapes on his chest from flipping over his truck on the beach (thanks to Hurricane Irene the beach was quite slanted), a scrape on his hand from falling face first on the cement & lastly a bump on his head from falling out of the bed last night. Our poor child.

And I couldn't help but to smile (and snap a picture) of Emma & her daddy enjoying the beach.

So blessed to have shared the Labor Day weekend with my sweet family!
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LeAnn said...

Im so jealous! :)
Glad yall had a great time!!!

Sarai said...

I so wish we lived by the beach!! Looks like you guys had a blast


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