Monday, September 5, 2011

The Pink Monogram - Seriously the GREATEST shop!

I'm just dying to introduce you to my newest sponsor, The Pink Monogram. If there's one thing you know about me it is that I have a slight addiction to monogrammed things. Many joke that my kids will always know their names due to their many monogrammed pieces, lol. Let's just say this southern girl loves her some monograms.
And boy oh boy does The Pink Monogram help fill that addiction!

Their name alone makes me just love them; pink & monogram combined can only mean the perfect shop!

Monica Smith had always wanted to own her own business; after 20 years of teaching she resigned and started just that. In 2007, she was nominated for Business Person of the Year by Greenville Magazine. In 2008, the shop made the "O" list on & their internet business became a leader in Monogrammed Gifts. The Pink Monogram once again made Oprah's favorite in 2010 when their High Heel Monogrammed Clogs appeared in the July 2010 Magazine.

And with everything from the original Pink Monogrammed Clogs dreamed up & created by them to Iphone covers to belts The Pink Monogram has it!
A shop that helps fill my addiction for sure.

Just take a look around and tell me it's not the perfect shop....

Monogrammed T Shirt
Even Momma's need a monogrammed shirt!

Adorable Brown Bamboo Umbrella

Lime and Chocolate Dot Towel Wrap

Clairebella Monogrammed Clip Boards

And I simply love their monogrammed shoes. Did I mention that they are truly the home of the original monogrammed clog?

I'm even thinking this nurse needs a pair to make her dull scrubs fun!!!

And I simply love their jewelry!

But then again there's nothing in their shop that I don't love.
Just take a look around, I'm sure you can't find anything either.

The Pink Monogram, so generously sent me the most adorable monogrammed rainboots that I simply LOVE!

In fact they've got me just begging for it to rain.
Aren't they super cute???

And let me just say these rainboots are not like your regular rainboots. Not only are they comfortable & weatherproof they are knitted, nylon lined which makes them perfect for any weather. In fact I feel like I could totally wear them in the snow & stay warm.
And not even to mention how cute I would be!

Be sure to head over to The Pink Monogram to find something you will love or to find that perfect Christmas gift.

And don't forget to check them out on facebook & twitter!

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