Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mohawk Home Rugs Review & Giveaway {RV: $149)

There's nothing like a rug to spice up a room. That's right you can have the simplest of rooms but with the right rug the room just "pops".
So, when I had the chance to work with Mohawk Home I jumped at the chance. Up until recently our kitchen table had nothing but the tile underneath. Let's just say it was plain jane as you can see below.

 Mohawk Home was so kind to give me the chance to choose a rug up to $149.99 which includes
 5' x 8' rugs, doormats, kitchen rugs, bath mats, and rug padding. After looking around at their retailers we chose the  Mohawk Home 5' x 8' Tropical Acres Select Strata Area Rug from Lowes which retails for $149

I just knew that it would give our kitchen the perfect "pop". I loved the fact that it had such vibrant colors such as the orange's & turquoise. And I loved that it had a modern twist to it with the paisley & flower print.
And boy was I right. I couldn't wait to roll it out beneath our table.

I must say that the background color was darker than what was in the picture but I'm actually quite happy about that. At least it hides the dirt & food that Maddox drops. And another fact that I love about this rug is that it is made in the USA. It seems as if all of our products these days are made in China so when I find a company that makes their items here in the USA I bookmark that company as one to buy from again.

I also love that local retailers (Kohl's, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, etc.) carry
Mohawk Home products. So, it's just that easy; I can head over to my local store & get rugs for my entire home. Rugs that I know are high quality products with affordable  prices.

And now they're offering
the chance

(The winner may choose any Mohawk Home rug up to size 5x8 and under $149 valued on site.
They can go here to choose:http://www.mohawkhome.com/retailers.aspx)

**Please use the Rafflecopter Form below to Enter!!**


Tales of a young mamma said...

Rugs can do so much for a room!

Deb said...

I love the Home Mission rug

LeAnn said...

your rug looks great! I really need this!

Rachel said...

The one you chose looks great! We could really use one for our basement.

2bufa4u said...

So many wonderful prints!

2bufa4u at cox dot net

Sharon said...

A lot of great rugs to choose from.
wdwfla at gmail dot com

Brittney said...

I have never entered to win a rug before...this is so exciting!

Vance Creve said...

my patio could use a rug
alliana88m at yahoo DOT com

Sarai said...

Makes you dining room look awesome. Really need a new rug

Anne N. said...

I could use a new rug in the bathroom.

Shannau said...

I NEED a rug! Bigger house- more floor space!

Erin Noie Photography said...

Awesome giveaway!!

hendy said...

I would choose the Mohawk Home Danger Zone Woven Rug from Wal Mart
hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

Emillie Rose said...

Would so love to win! Their rugs are amazing!
hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

Molly Bronson said...

Your rug is beautiful! Our kitchen is almost the exact same color =) Would love to win!

Amber L. said...

There are so many awesome rugs. My favorite is the Mohawk Home 5'3" x 7'10" Shell San Marino Area Rug

MsAngelasFinds said...

Thanks for a great giveaway! I love the Valence rug!
Angela Michels
lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

2bufa4u said...

entry 464 I may have left url empty or possible wrong link :(
here is correct on

2bufa4u at cox dot net

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