Saturday, February 25, 2012

Have You Seen It?

If you like Contours Baby on Facebook then you've probably already seen the big news but if not...
 meet the newest tandem stroller, The New Options LT Tandem Stroller

 and I know that I LOVE my last years model for all the awesome features like the 6 different seating positions. When you have 2 small kids a double stroller is a must. And I LOVE to face them facing each other. Not only can they see and talk to each other, I also love that if they drop something it falls into the basket instead of the ground.

And there's nothing like having a HUGE BASKET on the bottom. Hey, if you're going to be pushing a double stroller you want it to have a basket that will carry everything. And what happens if you only have one kid with you. You simply take a seat off!
Contours Baby certainly thinks of everything!
And now with the NEWEST stroller you can even fold it with both seats on. A DOUBLE LOVE. And it's free standing when folded. ANOTHER LOVE, nothing like juggling 2 kids while folding the stroller.

Some other awesome fact about the new stroller:
 33.8lbs with the seats ON
 It has an extra-large storage basket
never-flat wheels
adjustable foot rest
folds w/ both seats on
 free standing when folded

The New Options LT Tandem Stroller will hit stores later this Spring so be sure to stay up to date on their facebook page to get yours.

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