Monday, September 3, 2012

My Emma Lou is 18 Months!

I can't believe Emma is already 18 months. Also can't believe that when Maddox was 18 months we were just one month away from welcoming Emma in to our lives. Whew!

What We're Up To:

Weigh in at 21 lbs & 32 inches long
Wears 12-18 months & 18 month clothing
Wears size 4 diaper
Is asking to always go "potty"...except I know we're not actually ready
Such a little sweetie
Loves to be held
Takes a 2+ hour nap daily. Typically around 1 PM
Sleeps 12+ hours at night.
Talks all the time...says "mama" "dada" "Maddox...even though you probably couldn't understand her, Mimi, "Too, Too" (when she wants to go with Maddox), eat, cup, and so much more
Her & Maddox play so well together
Asks for a bow every morning as soon as she get's up
Loves to carry her purse or baby to town
Asks for her toenails to be painted
Such a girly girl & I LOVE IT!
Loves playing outside!

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