Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Still Here... Are you??

So, I know I have definitely been slacking lately. And with the holidays in full force we've became even busier around here. Not to mention I'm already almost 1/2 way through this pregnancy and our BIG ultrasound was today. The news will be coming...

In the past week we've had Maddox's Thanksgiving preschool feast, the Christmas parade, Thanksgiving with our family, of course work, tons of sickness :( and the celebrating of seeing our baby today on the ultrasound.
We've dug all of our Christmas clothes out and the Christmas decor is all up :)

So, yes I'm still here & I hope you are as well!

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~Dawn~ said...

can't wait for the news.....boy? girl?? eeekkk!!

allie-mac-fallie said...

awe you poor thing! sorry for all the sickness... :( I can't wait to hear whos going to be outnumbered ;) hehe!
ps you should link up with us for a fun xmas swap :)

Rachel said...

Can't wait to hear the news!!! Hope the sickness is over for the Houghtons!


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