Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Pregnancy Update, Brain Cysts, The Ultrasound, a Level 2 & of course the BIG news

I know I've really been missing lately... I've had my heart and mind elsewhere. Don't get me wrong I have been reading other's blogs, just not posting here. And even if I haven't commented on your blog chance is I've been reading. 
I feel like I've really been slacking on the pregnancy updates...poor Baby #3. I do however, have a bump picture I need to upload for this week. So Week #19 is coming soon. How crazy is that, almost half way there!?! Well actually more than half I guess being I will schedule my repeat c-section for 39 weeks. 

Last week we went for our anatomy scan. We had honestly tossed the idea back and forth about not finding out. I'm definitely a Type A personality that just needs to know these things. But the hubs really didn't want to find out...so I had told him that being this was probably our last that we could wait. Only thing was he was absolutely positively sure it was a girl and well I was absolutely positively sure it was a boy. He was so sure that he had the kids calling the baby "Colbie". So, not only did he think it was a girl the kids did as well. I knew I couldn't go the whole time and think the total opposite. So, we found out......

Ignore the horrible light reflection...caused by the flash on my iPhone

So, last week Wednesday we went in for the big scan. And well, I WAS RIGHT!

Yes, we will be having another sweet boy!
We couldn't me more excited. 

On other notes...after the ultrasound tech finished she said she had to go have the doctor (which was actually at the hospital operating) look at our scans.
So, of course I immediately knew something was wrong...
we went to the waiting room and waited and waited and waited
(and of course we had somewhere we HAD to be)

Long story short, they found choroid plexus cysts on his brain. The cysts in themselves will not cause him any problems and should disappear around 22 weeks or so. However, they are a soft marker for Trisomy 18 or Downs Syndrome. Yes, I freaked out a tad. The doctor assured me that they saw no other marker's so the chances are low. And that these cysts are common (I've read 1 out of 100 will have them). I opted to go ahead and have a quad screen. Not that we would or could even do something but so we would know. We will be going tomorrow for a Level 2 ultrasound to take a closer look.

**Praise - My quad screen came back negative. In other words the chances of an anomaly are pretty low based on AFPhCG, Estriol, and Inhibin-A.

**Pray- We will be praying & appreciate any extra prayers that the Level 2 shows no other markers and that we receive a good report.


Rachel said...

Yay for another baby boy! I've been stalking your blog and Facebook waiting for the reveal! Praying for a good report.

Taylor Elise said...

Boy!!!! Can't wait to see you soon!

lnipaver said...


allie-mac-fallie said...

Congratulations... Praying for yall! <3

Jawed Ali said...

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