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Simple Wishes Review & {GIVEAWAY}

After already having 2 kids & breastfeeding for 8+ months with each child, I have spent hours upon hours of pumping. Oh, how I despise pumping! But it's part of it especially when you work full-time. I think part of that is the fact that I am ADD (self-diagnosed) & all I can think about is all of the things I need to be doing while pumping for those 15+ minutes. Oh yes, even at work! And to know that in 3 months I will rejoin that club I must say I dread it. I don't mind the breastfeeding & know that it's what is right for me & my child.

So, I was super excited for the chance to try out Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra.
They were super kind to send me a pink one in size XS to M (it's adjustable).

Even though I haven't actually pumped with it yet...I have tried it on! 
I'm amazed at how well the adjustable sizing fits. 
Come on...a bra that fits from XS-M...who would've thought.
But it really fits!
And it's actually comfortable!
(Too bad my "real" bra isn't that comfortable)

They also include an optional center panel to achieve a perfect fit...
pictures from Simple Wishes

The back panel which velcros into place makes it adjustable for sizing (adjusts the band size by 10 inches)
Before trying it out I was a tad worried that the velcro wouldn't stay...but it's VERY secure!

And no worries about which pump you have..because it works with ALL electric pumps.

 So, it just 3 months this will be me...

My ADD can handle this...not even to mention that this will be my 3rd baby.

And with Maddox & Emma still being little..they require a lot of attention.

And this picture is a perfect example of how I will look on my break at work. A nurse doesn't have much down time. 

Now, the biggest question is why in the world didn't I buy one of these with my first two.
This baby isn't even here yet and I consider it a NECESSITY! 

And of course such an awesome thing was created by mother's! People that actually know & understand the  necessity of a hands free pump bra.

DEBRA, Co-Founder/ Product Development/ Luke and Sophia’s Mom

As the shopper of the family Debra has a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for all things beautiful, making her the perfect person to head Simple Wishes’ production and development. She ensures products are not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. When not chasing after her 3 and 1 year old, doing pilates, traveling, cycling and dining out are a few of Debra’s favorite pastimes - all of which she enjoys even more when accompanied by her sisters.
JOY, Co-Founder/ Business Development/ Cole and Xander’s Mom

Savvy, sweet and mom extraordinaire, Joy operates Simple Wishes’ business development and customer support with grace, professionalism and a perpetual smile. With a flair for helping others, she seeks to positively impact the lives of Simple Wishes customers in all ways possible. To unwind, Joy finds relaxation through exercise and quality time with friends and family.
KEREN, Co-Founder/ Technical Operations/ Logan’s Mom

Merchandiser by day and mother at all times, Keren has the admirable ability to remain organized, upbeat and one step ahead during unpredictable, unexpected and sometimes chaotic times. As a former manager for Old Navy’s maternity division, she is more than qualified to oversee Simple Wishes’ technical operations, and does so with hard work and dedication. When the going gets tough, Keren relies on her newest passion, running, to help keep her on her toes.
LYDIA, Co-Founder/ Finance & Operations/ Owen, Natalia and Grace’s Mom

Lydia, a Columbia University graduate, has spent a lifetime being practical, prepared, and accountable, so it’s no wonder this sister is responsible for the finance and business operations of Simple Wishes. She loves being surrounded by her fun, smart sisters and working together to bring innovative and useful products to the motherhood community. In her free time, she loves traveling, tennis, jogging, Pilates and play-dates with her children and friends.

Simple Wishes isn't just about bra's...they also offer Honey Suckle Breastmilk Storage Bags. which they were so generous to send me to review.
I can't even tell you how many bags I have used in the past. Just imagine
20 + ounces pumped milk a day x a combined 16 months.
Oh yeah, does your brain spin from the math.

I LOVE the fact that their bags are leak proof. I can't even tell you how much precious milk I've lost because of leaky bags.
LOVE the Multi-Ridged bottom to resist cracking & leaking. Once again I have lost countless bags of milk in the past due to splitting/cracking. Anyone that has pumped before understands the pain of losing a bag full of milk.
And of course LOVE that they're BPA Free & Oxo-BioDegradable (just imagine all of those bags I've thrown away with the other two)

You can purchase all of their products directly from their site, Simple Wishes
And they make awesome shower gifts because the Hands Free bra is definitely a necessity!

And now they have offered to give
the chance
Winner chooses size & color

**Please use the Rafflecopter Form below to Enter!!**
Open to US Residents ONLY

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Devon F said...

This is a MUST HAVE for those quick 30 min lunch breaks. Trying to pump & eat at the same time is such a challenge!

allie-mac-fallie said...

um I need this! sadly I only have single pump :(

Aline Grigorian said...

Oh my gosh, I need this for Tuesday when I go back to work!!!

GoodnessGraces said...

I am due in April and have a toddler so I need something that will help me pump hands free.

Rachel said...

I can't emphasize enough how much I LOVE that thing! Every now and then if it's in the wash or something, I'll pump without it and it's a huge pain. I'm glad the third time is the charm and you've got it this time!

Angela said...

I am expecting baby #3 in a couple months and this would be so helpful to allow me to be hands free when pumping!

Unknown said...

What an amazing, useful, time saving device! This would open up a lot of extra time for me!

Unknown said...
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