Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Cubby Hole Review

Before I had kids I would have wondered what to buy for Birthday presents. Sure, I could always pick out an adorable outfit. But what about a present that a kid would LOVE. 
Well, now I know...after 2 kids and 2 1/2 years I at least know what a 2 year old would love. 
I'm sure I would have spotted the stools over at The Cubby Hole way before I had children but now I can attest that these make awesome presents. 

Lately, everything is "Maddox do it" and I love to support his independence but lets face it there's somethings that a 2 year old simply can't reach. And for one that's the sinks & light switches. 
So, I knew he needed a stool..
I recently had the opportunity to review a Personalized Puzzle Stool from The Cubby Hole.

I love the fact that it's not only a stool but a puzzle. Almost 2 presents in one if we're talking gifts.
So, not only can Maddox be independent but he can do a puzzle. Another one of his loves. And not even to mention the learning aspect of it from his colors to spelling & recognizing his name.

The Cubbyhole is a family owned and operated business. They specialize in making made to order wood toys for the past 25 years. They make all their stools, puzzles & coat racks at their shop in Dundee Il. And no need to worry because they use only non toxic (NO LEAD) paint and sealers. Each of their items is hand crafted. They cut and paint EVERY piece by hand not by a computer programmed machine. Now that's talent & skill! I'm impressed with just that. It seems as if everything is run by a computer these days. And to find a company that still hand cuts their items, SUPER IMPRESSIVE. Their stools and puzzles are truly ONE OF A KIND. They take pride in providing their customers with safe & durable products that are made to last for many years. 

And that's EXACTLY what their products are. I was SUPER impressed with the sturdiness of the stool. No wobbling or worries that a leg will break. Maddox can safely climb up to the sink to wash his hands or brush his teeth. And I LOVE companies that help support "REAL" people & families. 

So, thanks to The Cubby Hole I now know the perfect Birthday gift that is tried & true by a 2 year old. Not only a present that the Momma will love but the child too. 

And be sure to check out their website as well as their Etsy page to see what else they have to offer. 

Stop by their Facebook page to tell them "hey" plus you won't want to miss out on specials. 

Disclaimer: I was given the above mentioned product(s)  at a discounted price for my review.
I was in no other way compensated. The product itself didn't persuade my personal beliefs or views}


Unknown said...

How cute!!

~Dawn~ said...

I will have to check these out - my girls love little stools!


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