Monday, June 15, 2009

Nursery Updates

The nursery is fully finished or well almost... Still one picture to hang (Josh LOVES hanging things on our walls...NOT). So I still have to continue to coax him into hanging it up. Then all we'll have left is to buy the rocker/glider.

I'm just so happy with how Maddox's room turned out. I could just go in there and sit ALL day. Which is a little uncomfortable right now without a chair...but that doesn't mean I don't do it, haha. It is absolutely my favorite room in the house! And I'm sure I will see plenty of it in the upcoming restless nights.

Yes, the little man has a TV complete with satellite. This was a must for Daddy.

All set for those dirty diapers.

Diaper bag is all ready to go...well almost.

All set for the little man! I couldn't resist placing the little lion in matched so good. (And yes, I will be taking it out when he arrives)

Isn't it absolutely perfect?
Maddox, your room is all finished...just a few more weeks and you can come out and play.

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