Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yes, I'm excited....and NO I'm not in labor...I could only wish.

I'm excited because I have the most talented Grandmother ever. Back when I first became pregnant I dreamed of all the things my grandmother could make for my little one. When I was little girl my grandma would always make me tons of smocked dresses and other wonderful things. She even made my wedding gown, which was absolutely exquisite.

So, of course no little boy's wardrobe would be complete without smocked rompers. And she justfinished the first of many to come (hopefully). She's already working on the next one.

Isn't it just darling?

And check out those yellow booties...I told you she was the most talented woman EVER.

I have all plans of taking this outfit with me to the hospital and depending on his size it will be his going home outfit. (I have several outfits packed just in case though)


Taylor Elise said...

There is nothing better than grandmother made clothes! I still have little dresses and coats that my grandmother made me that I'm going to force on my kids one day. He's going to look so cute (hopefully very soon!).

Preppy Coastee said...

Ohmygosh I just love it!! How beautiful! That will be a great coming home outfit. One piece of advice! Buy a preemie outfit for coming home; because my dear unless you have an 11 pound baby even that will be too small. Carter was a long, large 8'3 pounds when we brought him home and he was practically swimming in preemie clothes.

Preppy Coastee said...

ooops i meant too big; a preemie outfit would be too big, unless of course you do have an 11 lbs baby, which I do not wish on you; lol no no no! let's pray for a 7'7 lbs baby!!

The Graham Trio said...

I love it! Colton has a few of these too. Justin will only let me dress Colton in them for church because he thinks they look like girl clothes. LOL! Men, what to they know?!

Running 365 said...

Very cute! I like your blog makeover.

Stephanie said...

Definitely not a 11 lb baby for me! I'm hoping for under 8...only time will tell.


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