Monday, September 21, 2009


Who knew that bath's could be so much fun????

Several weeks ago we started getting into the routine of taking a bath right before bedtime. We would get a bath, eat & go to bed. He has always enjoyed his baths, well except for the first couple sponge baths, but 2 nights ago he REALLY started having a good time. He splashes & splashes & splashes and would continue to splash if I didn't pull him on out. He has a facial expression of pure enjoyment the WHOLE time. I think that he would go on forever if I let him, seriously. When we get out we pretty much just crash. No eating or anything. Poor little guy is so tuckered out. Gotta love it!


Suzette said...

So cute, Kyah LOVES bath time too... I will let her take baths with me now in the big jaccuzi, she LOVES it! Isn't being a Mom the best job ever! :)

Sydney Houghton said...

Too adorable! His facial expressions are priceless! Loveyall!


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