Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Do You Do??? I've never had this problem before, quite the opposite I might say. As Fall/Winter approaches I've been looking at cool weather clothes for Maddox & I'm at a total loss of what size to buy. He is almost 8 weeks old & is already around 25 inches & 12 pounds...hmmm the only problem is that the sizechart for 3-6 months says that it fits 23-25 inches and 12-17 lbs. Well, if you go up to the next size (6-12 mon.) it would fit his length (25-29 in) but it would completely fall off because its for the weight range of 17-23 lbs. And do I really want to buy my 2 month old size 6-12 months, NOOOO I simply don't want him to grow up & I'm already sad that he can't wear newborn anymore. And the other problem is that most of the winter clothing that I already have is size 3-6 months.



Suzette said...

I have the exact same problem, Kyah is so long, but not so round! Half of her outfits look silly bc they are so big, but barely long enough! I've seen onesie externders, maybe that would fix part of the problem!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

There for a while the clothes might look a little big, but they grow in/out of them so fast that I would go with the larger size. Something that worked for me (ok 18 years ago I don't know if they have these still) are the onies with the pull on pants. Christopher was very long and outgrew everything very quickly.


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