Tuesday, September 15, 2009


for walks in the park with friends.

Maddox with Amy & Taylor

This past Saturday, my friend Rachel (whom I might add I didn't get a picture with) came home to visit. So, all of us high school friends met up at the park for a little stroll & some socialization & of course some doting over Maddox (who couldn't dote over someone that adorable). It's always so nice to get together. Maddox seemed to enjoy all of the attention & the view of the park from his stroller (well, actually he slept through the walk).

It is always so nice to get together with my high school friends. I first met Taylor 20+ years ago at preschool (Wow, that makes me feel a bit old). And I met Amy & Rachel 13+ years ago. In high school we were all on the swimteam together (Thinking about that, do any of you remember our set of rules for the locker-room?). As you can see our friendships go way back. I can't wait until our next get-together.


The Graham Trio said...

I bet Maddox will love girls! Haha!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I wish we had a copy of the Locker Room Rules! Did we ever officially write them? I remember your towel dance, but I don't know if there were any rules pertaining to that. I had forgotten about almost wearing my panties into the pool, but it made me think of you rolling down the steps at that Charlotte pool! I still laugh out loud thinking about that..I just remember watching, horrified and helpless, as you and your giant bag tumbled down step after step. Thank goodness you popped right up smiling!

Taylor Elise said...

We did write them down and tape them to the wall. I wish for everything I could remember them. Seems like someone copied them into my yearbook that year- I'll have to research.

Stephanie said...

I feel for some reason that Rachel wrote the rules down somewhere & perhaps in one of my yearbooks. I also think there was a rule about towel dancing, haha.

Taylor Elise said...

I researched and found evidence of the rules in my sophomore yearbook. I laughed out loud at most of your letter Rachel. I couldn't believe I had forgotten so much of it (duct taped phones in hotels, the happy LaSabre song, and putting sugar in Anna's ear).

But you listed one locker room rule which was an important one:

No pushing naked people especially while you are naked.


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