Thursday, November 5, 2009

Should Be...

Wow, there's so many things that I should be doing but it seems as if I'm never doing them. This isn't exactly new but since having a baby & then going back to work it has gotten REALLY bad. Like for now...for example, I really should be cleaning because Maddox is napping but look at me, I'm blogging. Or if I'm not cleaning I really should be running (I did however get 6 miles in on Tuesday & 3 in on Sunday). Thank goodness I only work 3 day's a week (even if they are long 12 shifts).
How do people juggle it all...clean house, clean laundry, cook, exercise time, baby-time??? Oh my, if you're able to juggle it all YOU ARE my superhero.
However, I have been trying to grasp some of this time with Maddox and doing a few of the things that I need to be doing like taking him for strolls during this beautiful Autumn weather. I want to look back and have tons of memories with him...I do not want to look back and say that I wish I would have spent more time doing this & more time doing that. I guess until then my house will be dirty & my laundry will never be completely finished.


Rachel said...

I have this feeling constantly and I don't have a baby to keep up with! At least you don't have to take any work home with you so you can concentrate on JUST (okay, so it's not really "just") Maddox/Josh/house/exercise/etc.

In other news, you're really putting in the mileage! I know you've been exercising, but I didn't know you were running. You might inspire me to actually lace up my shoes! (I literally have not run a single mile since the marathon.)

The Graham Trio said...

When you figure this out, please let me know.


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