Thursday, May 19, 2011

Emma Louise's Nursery Reveal

So, I realize this post is long over due but it's been a continued work in process for awhile.
One of the things that I absolutely love about having kids is designing their nursery. 

There's still a few touches to add...perhaps some long pink window panels & there's a small 2 shelf bookcase to have the husband paint.  I plan on placing it below her name & putting baskets with toys on it.
But for now...this is her reveal!

As you enter her doorway...

I just love the color & size of the rug.  I feel like it adds just the right touch. 
Plus it was such a great deal; only $20 from Target.

I just love my little girl's room.
Crib bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids.

Butterfly Mobile is from Butterfly Orb on Etsy...I'm currently hosting a giveaway for one HERE, plus they're offering 20% off to my followers

There's nothing like sitting here rocking my little one.  We ended up using Maddox's glider.  The color doesn't necessarily match the room so I threw the quilt over the back to tie it in.

Dresser from JCPenny's.  Which despite the mishap we had with the crib I still love my JCPenny's furniture.
I just love that it has cabinets beneath so I have somewhere to store odds & ends including her headbands.

A girl's gotta have tons of bows.

Wally the Wonderbug is hanging out in the dormer until she's ready to play with him.

And of course there has to be a monogram.
Wall decal from Sew Cute & More

And I just love this canvas from

Such a sweet reminder, "Jesus Love Me, This I Know"
hanging from her closet door

And I just love having a closet full of girlyness

And drawers full of tiny baby clothes

 Hope you enjoyed our sweet little girl's nursery!

It's came such a long way since THIS thanks to a wonderful husband who framed it all himself.

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Samantha said...

So pretty!!! I was so excited to see the title nursery reveal :) Glad it is all put together minus some little things, but sometimes I feel like they never get done because you always have something else to add haha.

Rachel C said...

Love it! I never really got to do a nursery for any of my kids - so jealous!

Running 365 said...

Beautiful! Perfect for beautiful little Emma!


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