Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Makes FIVE!

If you missed my post the other day be sure to check it out, HERE.
Yes, the Houghton family is growing by one in April 2013. 

Perhaps, if you've been around awhile you know how our family started and how we struggled to begin our family. I talked about it here, the pills/shots here and once again here.
Like many others I was diagnosed with PCOS and have extremely irregular menstrual cycles. In fact they're so irregular I have had F-O-U-R since I got pregnant with Maddox in 2008. Yeah, I know not normal. 
So, I think it is completely amazing that I have a 3rd miracle on the way and naturally at that.

We discovered that we were expecting Baby #3 on August 22nd. Honestly, I was in complete shock & denial. Yeah, I had a few things that had caught my attention and I wondered but when the double lines popped up I was in shock and disbelief. You're probably thinking, but this is pregnancy should know. Well, to say each one was/is totally different is an understatement. 

To rewind a bit I had tested earlier in August because it had been such a long time since my "friend" had visited (50+ days). But nada. Well, when day 70 rolled around I thought better test again just in case. 

And TADA the lines were there.
Baby #3 is on the way.

As of this past Saturday I'm 8 weeks and the morning  all day sickness is in full swing. With Maddox & Emma I didn't feel good but I didn't really get sick. And if I did it was once in a blue moon. But not so lucky this time. So, as of now I'm counting down until 2nd trimester. Praying it's gone by then. I really hate to wish the pregnancy away but I won't miss the yuckiness of vomiting. 

So, there it is the Houghton's are becoming a family of 5 in April 2013!


allie-mac-fallie said...

thats so great! very happy for yall!! :)
Also, random question-- I love how you are always doing giveaways and wondered how you got started doing them?

Kelsey said...

Congrats!!!! Sorry you are sick :(


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