Thursday, January 10, 2013

Balboa Nursing Pillow Review & {GIVEAWAY}

To launch off the
event I'm excited to bring you

A company that designs contemporary, unique products using luxurious fabrics and distinctive prints. 
Shirley Pepys, founder of Noel Joanna Inc. NoJo) and her son Noel Pepys have teamed up with Dr. William Sears, best known as "American Pediatrician," to create fashionable and functional products to make life simpler for parents and better for babies.

If there's one thing that I know I need after having 2 babies it is a nursing pillow. Especially during those first few weeks & months. Not only does it save your back but it makes breastfeeding a tad easier. Even though this will be my third baby I expect breastfeeding will still be challenging during those first couple of weeks. Each baby is different! And each baby has to learn how to breastfeed. So, I'm super excited to try out the Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow.
And with all of their gorgeous prints, I can be styling as well!

They were so kind to send me a pillow in the gorgeous Suri print which I love!!
Honestly, the picture doesn't even do justice to the print. It is perfect for boy or girl and perfect for that stylish mom (which I like to think is me).

Not only do I love their prints but I love the contoured design! One thing important to breastfeeding is that you have the baby rolled in toward you the mother. So, their contoured design helps to encourage the correct feeding position!! It naturally rolls the baby towards you.

Another thing that I know is A MUST after having 2 other children is that everything needs to be easy care. And that's exactly what their pillow is. The cover is removable, 100% cotton, and machine washable!!

Another thing that is A MUST is simplicity! When you have a hungry screaming baby the last thing you want is complicated. Their pillow is so simple, no buckles or straps. Simply slide it up against you...the baby naturally rolls in...and the rest is up to you!

Other than the gorgeous fabric, one of the first things I noticed was how soft & comfortable the pillow felt. It is firm but yet soft. The perfect place for your baby to lay during a feeding. And perfect for all those times your baby falls asleep after nursing when you just want them to lay there so you can stare at their perfection (what mom doesn't enjoy that).

Balboa Baby also offers a wide array of other awesome products including their adjustable sling, nursing cover (another must), high chair cover, shopping cart cover (which we have & love), stroller liner, & Balboa bags.

 From looking at their site, one of the things I fell in love with was their bags. Such gorgeous prints & with a duffle bag, messenger bag & tote bag you have a perfect set.

Balboa Baby has also generously offered to give
the chance
in their choice of fabric!!

**Giveaway open to US Residents ONLY**

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ColleenMarie82 said...

I would choose the Lola pattern

Dianne Hall said...

All the patterns are adorable but I love the Vivienne!!

Thank you :-)

Dianne Hall

Susan DeVaux said...

Definitely the Suri print! Love it!

kenny hall said...

Suri print

Aline Grigorian said...

I like the Lola print.

Anne W said...

It's hard to choose between the Vivienne and the Swirl. So pretty!

denise kunkle said...

All the prints are wonderful. But I love coco ;)

Jawed Ali said...

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GoodnessGraces said...

I would pick the Geo print

Devon F said...

I would probably go with Geo...or Lola! :)

Jawed Ali said...

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